A Little About Me

I graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology (Distinction) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (Interactive and Visual Design). While studying I was exposed to a range of programming languages. While all were informative and helped me grow as a programmer I enjoyed the web based subjects the most due to be express both my technical and creative side within the same project.

Due to my interest in this field I sought out employment. Since late 2015 I have worked for two Brisbane based digital agencies; Studio Culture and Lance Montana where I am currently employed at. By working for these companies my skills and passion for web development have increased drastically. My responsibilities were focused around maintaining existing client’s websites and developing custom WordPress themes.

Throughout this time, I have also completed several freelance projects ranging from websites to logos to business cards. These projects helped further my communication and ideation skills.

In my free time I enjoy learning about game development, writing and performing drums with my band, playing video games and mountain biking



Bread & Butter

HTML is the building blocks of the web. So, it makes sense that I know the ins and outs of writing well-structured W3C compliant HTML5 markup.


Bread & Butter

The web would look very boring without CSS. As with HTML, I have a lot of practice writing clean and maintainable CSS3. However, writing Sass and using all the bells and whistles that come along with it is a lot more enjoyable.


Well Acquainted

Over the past 2 years I’ve developed many WordPress websites for a variety of businesses. I’ve built themes from the ground up, using only a few plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields, Gravity Forms and Yoast SEO to ensure my websites load fast and are stable and secure.


Well Acquainted

Adding some interactivity to sites always makes them more engaging and memorable. By using JavaScript and JQuery I can comfortably enhance a site’s functionality, whether that be by dynamically filtering content, adding scroll animations or utilising pre-built libraries.


Know My Way Around

Most of my knowledge of PHP stems from developing WordPress themes. I am confident with the basics of the language such as loops, variables and manipulating strings, arrays and objects. My next goal is to learn more about classes and object-oriented programming.


Know My Way Around

Making sure that projects are backed up/kept up to date is a good habit to get into. I use Git to achieve this and am comfortable with pushing, pulling, dealing with merge conflicts and all that good stuff.


Dipped My Toe In

I’ve only recently started using Gulp.js in my workflow and I am loving the convince that it provides. Currently I use it to compile SCSS to CSS, concatenate JS, optimise images and automatically refresh my browser. I am only scratching the surface of what Gulp.js can do and look forward to seeing how else it can enhance my workflow.


Dipped My Toe In

I have only scratched the surface of Vue.js with my final year IT project. However, I’m impressed with its documentation, flexibility and power and look forward to learning more about it in the future.


Know My Way Around

I use Illustrator for all things vector such as logos or icons.


Know My Way Around

Photoshop is my go to program to design websites and to make basic edits to images to be better suited for the web


Know My Way Around

When designing business cards, brochures and other print material I take advantage of InDesign’s functionality